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SEXY SEXY ,年轻母亲2 年轻母亲2 ,羞羞漫画首页 羞羞漫画首页

A Natural Way to Reduce Ammonia Confinement Problems

Odor-None is a unique combination of all natural ingredients including Yucca schidigera extract, microencapsulated beneficial microorganisms and digestive enzymes.

How does it work?

Decreased ammonia levels in confinement facilities have been attributed to the beneficial effects of Yucca schidigera extract in the performance of swine, poultry, cattle and aquaculture.

Saponin and other aromatic compounds in yucca extract can bind ammonia to form saponin-ammonia complexes and enhance the fermentation process of ammonia-decomposing anaerobes.

Components of yucca extract can inhibit urease activity.

Plant derived enzymes (including protease, cellulase, Beta-glucanase and lipase) can stimulate and enhance Bacillus subtilis fermentation activity in utilizing the saponin-ammonia complex.